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Having recently explored the dynamic city of Fortaleza, Brazil, I wanted to give you a quick overview of some of the best ways to travel and do some fun and delicious things. As I have already introduced you to the city, I would like to give you a little more information about what you can do there and where to stay. When I listed the Brazilian food in Fortalesa, my top recommendation was to eat seafood whenever I had the opportunity. So if you're heading to one of my favorite places in Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, make sure you try these delicious seafood.

Here you can buy fish and shellfish at one of the market stalls, and the stall will cook, clean and serve them with rice so you can eat them. If you are looking for a Mediterranean restaurant, then visit the Colosso in the historic centre of Fortaleza, just a few blocks from the hotel. The hotel offers a wide selection of great Brazilian dishes and cocktails to try, which is so great that you won't leave your hotel!

The emblematic place in the centre of Fortaleza is the Jose de Alencar Theatre, where dance evenings, plays and film screenings are held all the time. In this area there are many restaurants where you can taste a wide selection of Brazilian dishes and cocktails as well as a variety of local beers. The best options in the area are the places that offer not only good food, but also good entertainment and cultural activities. Fortalesza is also known as the capital of joy, as it offers a large number of cultural events and events such as concerts, exhibitions, festivals, concerts and concerts.

The chefs are dedicated to the best Brazilian and international cuisine in a wonderful setting that is constantly rocking with live music and inviting you to eat.

If you want to do something unique in Fortaleza and see the city from a different perspective, you can enjoy a boat trip from Beira Mara. Here you can simply spend a whole day, enjoy the ride, eat well in the restaurant or just sit on the beach. If you like to dive into the waters of Porto das Dunas or watch the sunset from Mirante Praia de Iracema, you will also enjoy the boat trips from Beiras Mar. Watch the sunsets from IrACema beach is a great way to end the day in Fortaleza.

On TripAdvisor you can find more reviews and the best hotel deals in Fortaleza to celebrate the Dreamworld Festival, where you can book online and where not. You can also find a good hotel offer in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate the World Cup and the Dream World Festival And you can see more reviews on and see the most popular hotels in Fortaloza. You will also find some of the best hotels to be found at the World Cup and Dream World Festival, where you can book online. We have a full list of hotels with great prices and great deals, but also some great reviews.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Fortaleza, the long harbour, ideal for romantic walks, is the place to go. Check out TripAdvisor for more reviews and the best hotel deals at Dreamworld Festival, where you can book online and where not, and see the most popular hotels on Fortaloza is a great destination for those who want to visit the best tropical beaches in Brazil on the Amazon. Check the Fortalaoza map for more information about hotels, restaurants and other attractions in the city, as well as a full list of affordable hotels.

Here the coast leads to Futuro do Norte, one of the best beaches in Brazil on the Amazon and the most popular tourist attraction of the city.

Praia do Futuro is located 10 km from the city centre and is a long and wild beach, which is also lined with several beaches, bars and restaurants. The most attractive beach is Praia de Cumbuco, the most popular beach in Fortaleza, located at the end of the main road in the northeastern part of the city. The hotel is also located on Meireles Beach, Fortalesza's best city beach. It is just a few meters from Praa de Iracema and Meiresles, while the nearest city beaches are Praias deIracemas and Meireling, both about 5 - 6 km away, except for Praianha, not far away and not too close to the nearby city center, and Praie, near the Rio Grande do Norte. To the south-east, there is another hotel, in Praiale, on the other side of Rio de Janeiro, in a small area near Praio da Bocas del Toro and opposite Pico de Sao Paolo, next to PraIA, where there are also some popular beaches.

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More About Fortaleza