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Having recently explored the dynamic city of Fortaleza, Brazil, I wanted to give you some tips on what to do, where to stay and how to get around. Get an idea of Fortaloza before you go on a city tour, as it is one of the largest cities in Brazil and transportation saves you a lot of time.

There are cheap flights from Rio to Fortaleza, or you can take a bus from the following companies. There are international connections, including Condor, which flies from Frankfurt, TAP Portugal, which flies from Lisbon, and LATAM Brasil, which flies seasonally from Orlando. T APAP serves twelve Brazilian cities and offers by far the most frequent flights between Rio de Janeiro and Fortaloza. The airline flies to other parts of Brazil, but there is a cheap flight from Sao Paulo to Rio and a cheaper one from Brazil's largest city , Rio Grande do Sul, which flies to Porto Alegre.

The nearest city beaches are in Praia de Iracema and Meireles, with the most attractive being Futuro, which does an excellent job as a day trip from Fortaleza to Rio Grande do Sul. There are gentle sand dunes, sandy beaches and a variety of water sports, but no organized day trips should be required. The choice of tour operators is in your hands and there are many possibilities that most holidaymakers can dream of.

Praia de Cumbuco is a popular beach, and next to the Centro is the popular Copacabana beach with its beautiful sand dunes and sandy beaches. Visit the beach that inspired the song "Girl from Ipanema" and choose the public beach on Rio Grande do Sul National Park, in the center of the Zona Sul neighborhood. Choose a day trip from Fortaleza to Rio de Janeiro, such as the famous Rio da Gerais beach, located a few kilometers from the city center.

There is a modern infrastructure built to enhance the "Brazilian experience," such as the international airport Fortaleza - Rio de Janeiro and the Rio Grande do Sul National Park, as well as several hotels and restaurants.

Must-see - see Palace Museum, which CNN calls one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, and the Rio Grande do Sul National Park. Must-see spots include the Palaces - a museum that CNN has named as one of the top 10 tourist destinations in Brazil, and Fortaleza - Rio de Janeiro International Airport, South America's largest. Must-see attractions like the Palace - Museum, a palace named after Brazil's most popular tourist destination, in the capital Fortalese.

Other attractions include a renowned dance company that performs traditional Bahian dances, and Fortaleza has a number of highly recommended museums, such as the Palace Museum and the Rio Grande do Sul National Park.

Fortaleza has a lot to offer tourists and we know that many Brazilians and foreigners will always find an excuse to come back. The private beach villas that have become commonplace in the region are a testament to how many of these people love the Brazilian beach. This place has many great beaches to choose from and many places to visit, but it has more than just some of the best beaches in Brazil and the Rio Grande do Sul National Park. It has not only all these wonderful things to offer, but also many amazing restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants and much more.

Fortaleza has almost 30 km of coastline and some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, but most visitors are drawn to the beaches of Ceara. Even during the day, the deserted areas along the beach are dangerous and attackers frequently head for the bus stops in Praia.

Most hotels in Fortaleza are located along the 3 km long avenue that crosses the districts of Iracema, Meireles and Mucuripe. The cheapest hotels are in the city centre, while the nicer and more expensive ones are across the street, at the intersection of Muca and the main street in Praia. Some are nicer than others, but the most popular, such as those in Meiredles, are more than twice as expensive as their cheaper counterparts. The two main beaches of the city are located in Praia The IrACema and the neighbouring Praias, and Meiresles also serves as a focal point for Fortalesza's nightlife.

Praia do Futuro is located 10 km from the city centre and is a long wild beach, lined with several beach bars and restaurants. The coast leads to the main beach of Meireles with a beach bar and restaurant as well as some restaurants and bars.

Rest assured, if you plan to visit Brazil in the near future, you will not be disappointed when you reach the sand of the coast of Fortaleza. Year round - year round sunshine and endless beaches attract tourists from the cool south of Sao Paulo. Fortalim, the capital of Brazil and the second largest city of the state of Rio de Janeiro, is the capital of Fortaloza. As well as being an important economic centre, it is also known for its excellent tourism opportunities, with an exciting carnival in season and a vibrant nightlife with many bars and restaurants.

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More About Fortaleza